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How To Kill Moles Around Your Home

March 17th, 2011


Are you seeing one too many molehills in your garden? As you most probably already know, they are exceptionally troublesome agricultural pests. Normally, a mole tends to be very small but it can be a remarkable opponent owing to its ridiculous strength for such a small creature. Mole control is an appreciable challenge and if you suspect you are having a mole infestation, then now would be the time to brace yourself for some serious pest control. So how to kill moles in your garden or else in your lawn? Read on and you should be able to make your green spaces at home thrive once again.

How to kill moles by getting rid of the potential food sources for the creatures

They feed on grub worms that are common soil organisms so if you don’t want them to invade your property irreversibly then you might want to control the grub worm population you entertain in your garden soil. However, it is to be remembered that these creatures feed on earthworms as well so essentially eliminating the grub worms in your garden might not always be the perfect solution for their eradication.

How to kill moles by scaring them away

They are pretty vulnerable creatures and they can be easily scared off using ultrasonic devices. As a general rule, moles end to be exceptionally territorial creatures so if you manage to scare even a few of the animals away, you will subsequently get rid of all of them.

How to kill moles using repellents

For effective mole control, repellents can also be considered. In general, mole repellents come in the form of a solution which you can apply directly to the ground. Basically a repellent product serves to change the taste of the grub worms in your garden making the pests feel turned off.

How to kill moles with poisons

Mole poisons are exceptionally toxic substances so to know how to kill moles using these pest control products, you might want to acquire a few basic skills beforehand. Poison for the control of moles can be applied either as a spray or in the form of pellets.

How to kill moles using traps

Last but not least, for effective mole control many homeowners choose to go for things known as mole traps. Trapping is perhaps the best way to control the pest population of your garden not to mention the fact that it is also the least hazardous one. Traps for mole control are easily available online as well as in many offline stores and they normally come for quite cheap as well.

Practical Ground Mole Control: Things You Can Do At Home

January 25th, 2011

Ground moles are those small worm-eating animals that live in underground tunnels, well out of the sight of people. However, what they do is anything but secretive. Ground moles destroy plant gardens and create ugly mounds of dirt in lawns, something you can mistake for animal dropping or something like that. Hardly desirable I would say. Where practical ground mole control is concerned, it is generally acknowledged that trapping is the best control method around though there exists several other treatment techniques, something you will come to see by the end of this article.

When do you do ground mole control

Ground mole control is best carried out as soon as you suspect an infestation. Don’t waste a minute because the more time you take to act, the more time the pests are getting to feed on your precious crops and flower plants. Also, the longer ground moles are allowed on a piece of land, the more they indulge in building extensive tunnels which basically means that the longer you wait for the problem to solve itself, the harder it will be for you to actually eliminate them ground moles from your property later on.

As for the ground mole control itself, several university studies including one recently carried out by the University of California list traps, poison, repellents, underground fences, digging them up and the use of smoke cartridges as the most effective and practical means of ground mole control. You can also get rid of moles by making your garden less attractive though this is more a recessive solution. Here you are not fighting for your space but rather you are taking a step backwards hoping your opponent will do the same.

1. Trapping

Trapping, as we saw above, is perhaps the most effective ground mole control method around. Mole traps are today, available in many gardening stores, offline but more so online. Just a few clicks and you can start some serious ground mole control treatment in no time at all. In general, you will need to place the trap near or above an active mole tunnel for best results.

2. Using toxins and fumigants

A couple of years ago, the University of Missouri evidenced that zinc phosphide is actually the only effective mole poison around for the simple reason that it is not easy to disrupt the mechanism of animals that actually feed on worms. So if you are online, looking up appropriate toxins and fumigants to carry out effective ground mole control, you need to look up the ingredients and unless you identify zinc phosphide on the packaging, don’t go for the chemical substances because they will prove to be useless.

On a separate note, if you want to minimize the damage caused to your plants by ground moles, you might want to make use of what is known as ground mole repellents. Repellents do not kill ground moles nor do they get rid of them. The only thing repellents actually do is stop ground moles from disturbing the planted bulbs in your garden.

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